We’re through


Nightshift=watching boxsets

Power,Corruption & Lies

My brain hurts
I respect your right to your belief
In return respect my right not to believe in your belief
You can’t beat with your religious schtick as it just adds to the comical value & mockery

Tick Tock

The inertia hardest to overcome is that of perfectly good seconds

Feeling called L.O.V.E

Initiated & gathering momentum by the second.The first girl to kiss when I was 8. Thirty two years later & we are again holding hands

0 Eight Zero 7

Yesterday was a wasted opportunity.Today is a hazy, lethargic mess. Sobriety is looking the favorable option

Everything counts

In small amounts…1 hour of TV has been positive

off season

resonates a strange beauty


Not who you think they are

The 11th Hour

In a room with no air conditioning,air laced with stimulate drinks & people asking redundant questions.Days like these I dream of an idyllic life on benefits,shopping in nightwear & foie gras reality TV